Chapel times are enjoyed by campers and staff alike.  Our staff put a great deal of time and energy into our chapel program where drama skits, music, songs, memory verses and Bible lessons are presented with energy and feeling.  This is a chance to share the Word of God and the love that He has for each of us.


The campers are put through their paces, maneuvering their way through our challenging courses.  Our team leaders make this a fun and safe time for all.


Our new archery program is designed to teach campers respect, confidence and skill by using low powered bows and short range targets.


Our climbing wall has over 100 handholds and is very popular with the campers.  Campers can climb straight up and then traverse the wall on 4 sides.


Our campers enjoy a chance to get out of the heat of the day and spend some time in our air-conditioned craft room.  Our staff spend much time planning and preparing special crafts for all age groups and have wonderful opportunities for one on one interaction with our campers.


Hope Valley has plenty of space to include many types of sports and activities like basketball, volleyball, dodge-ball, soccer, hockey and more.  Children are encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities and have fun doing so.  Our staff strive to be sensitive to each child and their needs.


Our program includes lots of time in our large in-ground, outdoor pool.  Our dedicated, qualified lifeguards provide a safe, and fun environment for campers.  The program includes both scheduled swims with their teams as well as free swim time options throughout the day.


The last day of each camp is carnival day!  A chance to earn extra points for your team, learn your team leader’s real name, and get your face painted!  This day has treats, awards and many special activities like wagon rides, sponge toss, arm wrestling and much more.


There are many special activities which have been done in the past and may be done again including kite flying, toy boat races, bottle rockets, mega slip-and-slide, nature walks, animal meet & greets, etc., just to name a few!